Henri Goovaerts

Italian woman

Italian woman
Dating March 10, 1892
Material / technique oil on panel
Dimensions 37,5 x 25 cm
Exhibitions Maastricht 1894 (November 25 - December 9), 'Goovaerts', cat. no 58: 'Studiekop - Napels'
Provenance 1892, A. Bogaert, Brussels 1912, Lily Goovaerts, Maastricht ca. 1925, Heinz Goovaerts, Berlin
Current residence Private property Norway
Signature t.r. in paint: Hri Goovaerts, Napels 1892
Headings b.l. scratched in paint: 10 MARZ 1892 verso: Eigendom van A Bogaert // Brussel // Avenue Jean [unreadable ] 77 // [unreadable] // Sedert 1912 eigendom L. Goovaerts verso, in white crayon: 58 verso, in blue crayon: 629
Remarks A. Bogaert, who is mentioned on the back of the painting, is probably Albert Bogaert (1838-1921). During Goovaerts’ study trip through Southern Europe, Philip Bogaert from Maastricht was his prime contact in the Netherlands. Albert was Philip's son. A portrait of Albert Bogaert by Henri Goovaerts is kept in the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht. It is doubtful whether this painting was actually made in Naples. Since the date is scratched in the wet paint we may assume that it is correct. In March 1892 however Henri Goovaerts was in Florence for a longer period of time. In July 1891 he had made a trip to Naples during his stay in Rome. That he did this again in the following year from the much farther Florence is questionable. Possibly Goovaerts no longer remembered exactly where he painted this woman's head when he put the inscription on the top right of the canvas.
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