Henri Goovaerts


Dating 1881
Material / technique oil on canvas
Dimensions 37,5 x 54 cm
Provenance Frits Goovaerts circ 1985 gift by Frits Goovaerts to present owner
Current residence Private property the Netherlands
Signature b.l., in paint: H Goovaerts. 1881
Remarks Henri Goovaerts made this painting at the age of 15. In his biographical research, A. de Jong mentions an even older work: a drawing of David with the severed head of Goliath. Goovaerts would have signed and dated the drawing proudly on August 11, 1879. He was 13 years old then. The current whereabouts of this drawing are not known. (Reference: the unpublished biographical study (1965-1967) on Henri Goovaerts by A.A.M.N. de Jong of the Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht). The painting is pasted onto hardboard.
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