Henri Goovaerts

The children's hospital in Florence

The children's hospital in Florence
Dating 1891 - 1892
Material / technique ink and watercolor on lined paper
Dimensions 10,5 x 13,5 cm
Provenance Frits Goovaerts circa 1985 Gift by Frits Goovaerts to present owner
Current residence Private property Utrecht, the Netherlands
Signature b.r. in ink: Hri Goovaerts
Headings b, in ink: In den tuin van 't Kinderziekenhuis, aan // de Barrièra del Pino te Florence [In the garden of the Children's Hospital, at the Barrièra del Pino in Florence]
Remarks The children's hospital Anna Meyer in Florence, founded in 1884, was one of the first children's hospitals in Europe. From the end of September 1891 until the end of August 1892, Henri Goovaerts was on a study trip in Florence after he had won the Prix de Rome in 1890. One of the things he worked on during this period was a copy of Botticelli's Primavera for the Rijksakademie (State Academy of Fine Arts) in Amsterdam.
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