Henri Goovaerts

Cain's Remorse

Dating 1889
Material / technique
Dimensions 235 x 149 cm
Literature 'Brieven uit Amsterdam', Leeuwarder Courant, September 23, 1889 'De tentoonstelling van kunstwerken van levende meesters te Amsterdam', Dagblad van Zuid-Holland en 's-Gravenhage, September 30, 1889 'De schilderijen-tentoonstelling te Arnhem III', Dagblad van Zuid-Holland en 's-Gravenhage August 1, 1890, p.2 'Kunst', Limburger Koerier, May 26, 1919, p.2 'Veertig jaar Limburgsche Kunst', Het Vaderland, September 13, 1938
Exhibitions Amsterdam 1889 (September), 'Driejaarlijkse tentoonstelling van levende meesters', cat.no. 137 Arnhem 1890 (July 17 - September 15), Musis Sacrum, 'Internationale tentoonstelling van kunstwerken van levende meesters te Arnhem', cat.no. 129 Maastricht 1919 (May 17 - June 1), Art dealer Dejong-Bergers Maastricht 1931 (April), Stedelijk Museum (Municipal Museum), Limburgsche Kunstkring 1911-1931, cat. no. 13 Maastricht 1938 (September 4-18), Dominicanenkerk, 'Limburgsche kunsttentoonstelling', cat.no. 11
Provenance 1897 (presumably), purchase by Dr. Leon Schols, Maastricht, from the painter himself 1902, bequest by Dr. Leon Schols to Victor Schols 1904 (April 28), offered at auction by notary Quix, Maastricht 1919 (May), offered for sale by Art dealer Dejong-Bergers, Maastricht 1919, Art dealer Dejong-Bergers, Maastricht after 1938, Mr. H.S.H. Schrijnemaekers, Maastricht 1954 (January) - 1955 (September), loan from Mr. H.S.H. Schrijnemaekers to Collection Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht, inv.no. 687
Current residence unknown
Signature b.l. Hri Goovaerts 1889
Remarks In the summer of 1889 Henri Goovaerts completed his education at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam. This painting may have been his graduation work. Today, the painting is known only from a number of exhibition reviews. The reviewer of the painting's first exhibition (Amsterdam 1889) writes: 'The painting by Mr Henri Goovaerts from Maastricht, Caïn's remorse, has struck me very much, and I have spent a long time there. Cain, the brother killer, has thrown himself down near a rock and covers his face full of despair. The whole nature speaks on this canvas; the proud, gloomy rocks, the dark sky, all this gives the right impression. [...] Mr. Goovaerts undeniably has talent; this canvas at least gives, according to me, the decisive proof of it.’ In May 1919, Victor Schols, the then owner of the painting, tried to sell the painting to the City of Maastricht with the help of Kunsthandel Dejong-Bergers. According to a report in the Limburger Koerier of 26 May 1919, a disagreement arose between Schols and the art dealer about the latter's way of doing business. The intended sale to the City of Maastricht ultimately did not take place.
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