Henri Goovaerts

Girl on Mount Saint Peter

Girl on Mount Saint Peter
Dating unknown
Material / technique oil on canvas
Dimensions 49 x 41 cm
Provenance Mrs. Bonfrère-Kallen, Maastricht 2000 bequest by Mrs. Bonfrère-Kallen, Maastricht to present owner
Current residence Collection Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht
Signature none
Remarks This painting brings to mind a childhood memory of Frits Goovaerts, the youngest son of Henri. Frits says that one day round about 1912 the French aviator Louis Blériot was going to fly over Limburg. ‘I remember that we were all sitting on the grassy hillside of Mount Saint Peter waiting for the miracle to fly through the sky. Inspired by the breathtaking event or just to pass the time’ father Henri had brought his painting tools to ‘catch the family scene that was draped on the hillside.’ (Reference: childhood memory of Frits Goovaerts in the family archive; some of his other childhood memories of the years in the village Sint Pieter, near Maastricht, were published in 1981 in the daily paper De Maaspost).
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