Henri Goovaerts

Female nude

Female nude
Dating circa September 1893
Material / technique red and white conté on paper
Dimensions 47 x 27 cm (image)
Provenance Frits Goovaerts ca. 1980 purchase from Frits Goovaerts by Art dealer Au Beguinage, Maastricht 2000 purchase from Art dealer Au Beguinage, Maastricht by present owner
Current residence Private property Norway
Signature b.r.: Hri Goovaerts // Granada 93
Remarks In Granada, like in other cities where Henri Goovaerts stayed during his Prix de Rome study tour, he visited the local art academy to attend figure drawing classes. In September and October 1893 Henri Goovaerts was in Granada (reference: correspondence between Henri Goovaerts and his teachers at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, the archive of the Rijksakademie Amsterdam, Rijksarchief voor Noord-Holland (Haarlem), file 239).
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