Henri Goovaerts

Bridge over a river in Southern Europe

Bridge over a river in Southern Europe
Dating presumably circa September 1893
Material / technique oil on panel
Dimensions 20 x 28 cm
Provenance Frits Goovaerts circ 1985 gift by Frits Goovaerts to present owner
Current residence Private property the Netherlands
Signature none
Remarks This is one of the two paintings that we know representing the same Southern European river scenery. This may be the River Darro in Granada. In the Spanish newspaper El Popular of October 30, 1893 there is a small approving review of an exhibition of Henri Goovaerts held in (probably) Granada at that time. His ‘impression of the river Darro’ is reviewed as ‘nicely painted with lots of local color.’ In September and October 1893 Henri Goovaerts was in Granada (reference: correspondence between Henri Goovaerts and his teachers at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, the archive of the Rijksakademie Amsterdam, Rijksarchief voor Noord-Holland (Haarlem), file 239).
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