Henri Goovaerts

Portrait of Albert Bogaert (1838-1921)

Portrait of Albert Bogaert (1838-1921)
Dating presumably circa 1890
Material / technique oil on panel
Dimensions 40 x 45 cm
Exhibitions Aachen, Germany 1911 (March), Suermondt Museum, exhibition Limburgse Kunstkring
Provenance City of Maastricht, the Netherlands 1937 Loan from Limburgs Geschied- en Oudheidkundig Genootschap (LGOG) to present owner
Current residence Collection Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht
Remarks Albert Bogaert (1838-1921) was a colonel and amateur painter. Henri Goovaerts knew the well-to-do Bogaert family from his hometown Maastricht. Goovaerts also portrayed Albert's father Philip, his brother Charles, his sister Angeline and his sister-in-law Virginie. The portrait of Angeline is not known to us.
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