Henri Goovaerts

Portrait of a young lady

Portrait of a young lady
Datering June 26, 1886
Materiaal / techniek oil on panel
Afmetingen 51 x 41 cm
Herkomst Frits Goovaerts about 1980 Purchase from Frits Goovaerts by Frans Boulanger, Maastricht in the same year Purchase from Frans Boulanger, Maastricht by present owner
Huidige verblijfplaats Private Property The Netherlands
Signatuur r. H. GOOVAERTS [underlined] // 24/6 86
Opmerkingen This young woman is possibly Marie, one of the sisters of Henri Goovaerts, who was 16 years old at that time. From his study years on we see the people directly surrounding Henri Goovaerts appearing regularly in his studies, drawings and paintings. At this moment of his life those people are mainly the his brothers and sisters.
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