Henri Goovaerts

Portrait of Dolores Hernández

Portrait of Dolores Hernández
Dating 1893 - 1894
Material / technique oil on canvas
Dimensions 39 x 29 cm
Exhibitions Maastricht 1894 (November 25 - December 9), 'Goovaerts', cat. no. 1
Provenance Frits Goovaerts about 1980 purchase from Frits Goovaerts by Frans Boulanger purchase from Frans Boulanger by present owner
Current residence Private Property Maastricht
Signature b.r. HriG
Remarks In Madrid Henri Goovaerts meets the ten years younger Dolores Hernández Huerta. They get engaged, but death parts them before they marry. Dolores dies on February 5, 1895, at the age of twenty. In 1896, in Essen, Germany, Henri Goovaerts will meet his future wife Lily Meyer, who is a governess at the Von Waldthausen family, of which Goovaerts portrays a number of family members at that time. In June 1898 Henri and Lily marry.
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