Henri Goovaerts

Woman washing

Woman washing
Dating presumably 1893
Material / technique oil on panel
Dimensions 37 x 25,5 cm
Provenance Hovers Collection, Maastricht 2016 purchase by current owner through Art dealer Rob van Rijn, Maastricht
Current residence Limburgs Museum, Venlo, the Netherlands
Signature verso in pencil: H. Goovaerts
Remarks In the Spanish newspaper El Popular of October 30, 1893 there is a small approving review of an exhibition of Henri Goovaerts held in (probably) Granada at that time. It is written that Goovaerts has painted some copper pots so amazingly well that they look ‘as least as real’ as the original pots. It is not certain whether the review relates to this panel, but in the catalogue of the exhibition of works from his study trip through Southern Europe (Maastricht 1894) we see that Goovaerts painted washing women several times during his trip. Currently this is the only work known in which Goovaerts has painted a number of copper pots. In 2016 the panel was restored.
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