Henri Goovaerts


Dating circa September 1893
Material / technique oil on panel
Dimensions 27 x 18 cm (panel)
Exhibitions Maastricht 1894 (November 25 - December 9), 'Goovaerts', presumably cat. no. 48 (Street with sun - Granada) or cat. no 11 (Street in Granada)
Provenance about 1900 Purchase by P.H. Haanebrink, notary in Maastricht
Current residence Private Property The Netherlands
Signature b.r. in paint: Granada GOOVAERTS
Remarks In September and October 1893 Henri Goovaerts stayed in Granada for some time as part of his Prix de Rome study tour through Southern Europe (reference: correspondence between Henri Goovaerts and his teachers at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, the archive of the Rijksakademie Amsterdam, Rijksarchief voor Noord-Holland (Haarlem), file 239).
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